The above is a completely accurate depiction.

My life is one eventful and significant journey of discovery after another, each easily transferrable into bite-sized blog posts and full of the wisdom of the ages. Also, I live in a many-turreted castle which is wreathed in rainbows and staffed by unicorns.

Some of these statements may not be true.


8 thoughts on “About”

  1. You know I loved the Finn Family Moomintroll series as well and bought them all new again from the States and read them all to my boy. I remember loving that feeling of going to the Camberwell library and discovering what books we were going to borrow!! Dad also used to take us to the Mobile book library in North Balwyn – that was lots of fun!
    Loved your blog LB
    Maybe we could organise a book gathering in the holidays. What do you think??

  2. Hey Lisa

    You look just like me only I have brown hair. Amazing!!

    Love the blog!!!

    Love Carolyn

  3. I came across your blog when searching the internet for garden inspiration. I was taken aback by your creativity and flair with gardening, house decoration and with words. Your naturalistic style with plants and home seems to be very similar to mine. Your drawings are wonderful too. I fell in love with your mudbrick home and the garden gate/wall. It gave me lots of inspiration. I live in the outern eastern suburbs, on a much smaller garden (900sq m) on a slope! Would love to hear back from you if you get this message. Kind regards.

    • Thank you Rita, your kind words warm my needy artist’s soul! Actually, it is a real joy to have a forum like this to share the things that give me pleasure, and the little (and big) things that happen in my life. It also provides a way to reach out into the world that has never existed before. Amazing what a little blogging can do.

  4. Cecelia Kennelly-Waeschle said:

    We just bought a similar red rose with no name attached, very fragrant.
    Your garden is beautiful

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