A long time coming, sorry faithful readers (all three of you), but this body has been busy all over the place. Finally got my phone out and clicked away yesterday evening, because I was pleased with the beds under the trees, which have always looked too bare for my liking… until this year, when they have finally filled out. The bluebells are blooming and the liriopes and rock lilies add height and hopefully will keep things looking good once the bluebells are done and collapsed in a heap.

IMG_0964 IMG_0965 IMG_0966IMG_0969 IMG_0970

Plus I have lots more daffodils and jonquils also very springy under the trees.

Nice just to look around and appreciate it all sometimes.

News from the small concerns front is that younger son is in the US studying for 6 months. I miss his beardy face badly but am happy to report that he is having a fantastic college experience and doing well. Excitingly I am going to visit him for Thanksgiving! Late November I will whiz over and visit, oh gosh, so don’t know what to expect from the US but there I will go…

Also I have spent less time here as I am journaling in the physical world quite a bit lately, after going to some inspiring workshops on art journals. Less words and more pictures is the result, and I don’t know that I really like the end product but am persisting because the process feels worthwhile. I even wrote a post about it but I couldn’t bring myself to hit publish, the pictures feel a bit raw, a bit more of my inner world than I used to exposing. Here’s a little bit of it…

IMG_0878 IMG_0943

So that’s me, running around doing workshops, being ruthless and cleaning out my wardrobe and cupboards (lots of stuff to the op shop, some gone on e-bay), getting acupuncture for my sore hip, joining a women’s circle, trying to do a short meditation each morning, some yoga, working as per usual, went to some fiftieths, went to a 30 year school reunion, visited the zoo and the royal melbourne show, arranging my trip away… all good things and fun.

Reading the news depresses me no end, so it is a good thing to remember and list all this lovely stuff and think on all the good people I know, and oh boy life is sweet and full of juice, is it not?

love to you all xx