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Well, Dear Reader, here it is, at last. Those of you who know the saga of ‘Naughty Agapanthus‘ may remember from the comments that there was a mysterious sequel, ‘Queen Agapanthus’. I had no memory of this book at all, until a very kind commenter, Fiona, sent me photos of her copy. Then the memories came rushing back. How could I have forgotten? The story and the pictures are so vivid and vital, still so much fun after all these years. So here it is, to share with you all. I apologise for any distortion in the pictures, I had to skew them all in Photoshop and I’m afraid some may have ended up looking rather odd. But the freshness is still there to see, I hope. And thank you, Fiona, for making this possible.

Queen Ag coverad

At lunch-time, Agapanthus was very naughty.

“Eat up your spinach”, said her mother.

“Oh, no”, said Agapanthus. “Spinach! I just hate it!”

“YUK!” said Agapanthus.

“Just sit there till you eat it”, said her mother.


Agapanthus was cross.

Agapanthus was FURIOUS.

“If I were the queen”, she told her little brother, “then no-one could tell me what to do.

I’ve always wanted to be a queen”, said Agapanthus. QA4ad

Then Agapanthus put on her mother’s fur.

“My mother won’t mind, because when I’m queen I’ll buy her another. She’ll really be very pleased”.

Agapanthus made a cardboard crown and put it on her head.

“I crown me Queen Agapanthus”, she said.


Queen Agapanthus went out in the garden and called the girl-next-door.

“Come quickly”, she shouted. “Come here at once! For I am the queen and you must obey”.

The girl-next-door came running.QA8ad

“We must have a party”, ordered Agapanthus.

“A party for me”.

And she sat on her throne.

“Go, people, and bring me food and drink.

Hurry up, or the queen will make you sit all day eating spinach!”

The girl-next-door ran home and brought a chocolate cake.

The little brother ran inside and found some lemonade.

“The queen is very pleased with you”, said Agapanthus.QA10ad

Queen Agapanthus looked down from her throne.

“Now let the feast begin”, she said.

So they ate and they drank till they nearly burst.

“Quite delicious”, said the queen.QA12ad

“Now the queen is going to dance”, said Agapanthus.

And she did.

She whirled and twirled as fast as she could.

“Now dance and sing, you people”, yelled the queen.

So the people did, too.

They danced and sang and leapt on the grass.

At last, they fell, exhausted.QA14

“I am too, too hot”, said Agapanthus.

“Please, people, make the queen a bath”.

Her little brother turned on the water.

It poured into the bird bath.

Agapanthus jumped right in.QA16

The queen splashed so much water that the people got very wet.

So they jumped into the bath as well.

Up and down, up and down they jumped.

“Yah! Yah! Yah!” they yelled.

Plop, into the water they fell.

“Eeeeeeh! Ooo-ee-oo-eee!” they screamed.

They made so much noise that their mothers came out.QA18

The girl-next-door had to go straight home.

“What a shame”, said Agapanthus.QA20

Then Agapanthus’ mother was FURIOUS.

“Look at my fur! Look at my dress! Oh, look at them!” she cried.

She took her children in and dried them hard.

“Please, never be a queen again if that’s how queens behave”, she said.

“Alright”, said Agapanthus.

“When I wake up tomorrow, I’ll just be me”.QA22

And so she was.QA24