1. A micro-brewery and boutique beer bar has opened up conveniently close to the office. They play vinyl.

2. I could now ride my bike to the a local sourdough bakery and do yoga there on a Wednesday night. If I owned a bike.

3. Not far from the bakery is an organic farm store. Beautiful fresh vegies, organic groceries and a food school as well.

Are we finally getting hipster cred in this unfashionable part of the world? I sure hope so. We could do with a bit of Portlandia round here.IMG_0672   IMG_0675

4. I dithered for ages before I ordered this Mark Hearld book, wondering if I should be so indulgent. I am very, very glad I did, it is superb. His work inspires and delights.

5. I have been caught up in the whirlwind that is the school community’s annual art show for the last few weeks. It was fun and exhausting and energising. I love being a part of the team that brings this event to life. Now to try and get some normal back.


6. I now have creepy jewelry hands to hold my necklaces. This is good.

7. Normal is relative.