There’s a lot of stuff I love about Christmas. A shopping list that includes items such as cherries, prawns, chocolate santas and bourbon is one of them.

shopping list

Also, I love receiving useful and entirely practical gifts. Such as a giant inflatable swan for the swimming pool.

giant swan

There was no shortage of volunteers to test it out.

testing the swan

Spending time with the family is definitely the best part of Christmas day.

Of course, some of us were a little worn out this morning and found it hard to get out of bed.

the aftermath

And then the delicious quiet and calm of a day at home on Boxing Day. No shopping madness for us, we prefer to lie around reading books and listening to records, all Christmas bounty; eating sandwiches made with leftover ham, drinking rum eggnog and watching the cricket on tv.

I hope your Christmas and Boxing Day are wonderful too.