Look, I know we’re all shocked that it’s November already. But let us just accept the fact and get on with things, okay? No point now bewailing the months we’ve wasted watching old nineties movies or looking at stupid stupid Facebook. These things are done now and it’s time to Draw A Line and move on. Some other things have happened, but I don’t have time to explain them all because I have 9,345 roses to look at in my garden.

Alright, I don’t. But I wish I did.IMG_0709

I was thinking about Jane Austen the other day. She never had a hot shower. Or tasted Vietnamese food. Imagine.

Pots on the steps

My life partner has been taking up the air space around here recently. He went and turned fifty, what a cheek. I have known him since he was nineteen and we have been together all that time. This amazes many people, but not as much as it amazes us. Especially me, because I am a natural loner and have never had much faith in marriage as an institution.

David Austin 'Grace'

Beautiful garden bed. Note ugly gas tank in the corner.

On Monday, we ran out of petrol on our way to Brunswick Street. I helped by telling my darling how I thought this would happen and if he only listened to me it would not have happened and sitting in the car while he walked to the petrol station to get a container of petrol. Then he took me to lunch. The man deserves a medal. Or at least a certificate of appreciation.

Echium and wallflowers

This may be the worst post title I have ever come up with. It sounds like a really, really bad poem.