2013-08-25 14.38.48

The Monument To Vegetable Growth is coming on. Resources it has consumed so far: 1 membership to Diggers Club*, 12 packets of seeds, 1 propagating kit, 4 litres of seed-raising medium, 1 snail trap and 1 roll of copper tape; 4 chainsaw chains and 12 litres of bar oil; 4 square metres of Extra Expensive Vegetable Growing Soil and delivery fee for same; 1 extensive drip irrigation system; 2,000 billion man hours; 15,000 squillion cups of tea and 38 packets of Kooka’s jam biscuits.

Forward projections have estimated that each vegetable successfully harvested will have cost, on average, $67.50. But hey, you can’t BUY that sort of satisfaction!

*Clive Blazey has been elevated to guru-status around these parts. As a consequence, too many sentences seem to begin with ‘Well, Clive Blazey says… ‘