2013-08-11 15.02.11

This is my favourite cup for drinking chai. An oppy find, natch.

2013-08-11 17.28.01

The jonquils are out.

2013-08-11 17.31.34

So is the hardenbergia.

2013-08-11 17.22.55

And the magnolia.

2013-08-11 17.22.07

2013-08-11 17.23.24

Bit of a purple and white theme going, isn’t there? Wallflowers and grape muscari happening all over the place.

2013-08-11 17.26.17

A big thumbs up to the white hardenbergia in the side garden. It’s covering a little screen that hides the gas bottles, and doing a sterling job. Looks very pretty right now.

2013-08-11 17.24.17

And the new Monument To Vegetable Growing is taking shape. Another weekend of good weather and maybe it will be done? Maybe.