Dear Reader, I must confess; I have had various posts sitting on my neglected little blog, all unpublished. I guess I was boring myself, I just couldn’t follow through with them. Depressing. So, to cheer us all up, here is Zadie helping me sort the laundry:

Laundry dog 1Laundry dog

Yep. She’s a great help. If you prefer your laundry chewed by a lunatic.

Well, I’m back. And I came back because I felt I should tell you, (I know you’re all aquiver with anticipation) that over winter, Big Changes have been made in the garden.

Deck extension

The deck has been extended.

New garden bed

A new, excitingly empty garden bed has been created.

Working on the vegie patch

The vegie patch is undergoing a major rehaul. The above picture shows hard-core manipulation of giant logs to make raised beds. This log was too heavy even for three burly, muscle-bound men to lift (ahem), so medieval techniques were used to roll it on smaller logs into position. Gripping stuff.

But it hasn’t all been beer and skittles. Other major changes to the garden have been entirely due to the moving in of some criminal masterminds with fur very hungry little ringtail possums. They ate the ornamental crab apple. It became so stressed, it got some horrid disease and had to be removed. Then those fanged demons from hell dear little possums started on my precious japanese maple. My counter-strike was to have the lilacs and viburnums cut right back, in order to remove their aerial pathway. This saved the maple, but then the possums retaliated with their most devastating manoeuver yet. They moved on to the huge old red roses on the side of the arbour you see above. It was pretty much reduced to a pile of dead sticks.

I said !. And then I said !!!!!. So. Drastic action was called for.

The roses were cut right back, and two were relocated. And last Sunday I took a long pole and poked out seven possum nests in various trees around the garden. Three possums were disturbed from these nests and escaped to the highest branches where they watched me reproachfully with sad and startled eyes.

I can’t say I did it ruthlessly. There was actually a fair amount of ruth involved. I feel like a monster. How can such evil be so darn cute? However, if I keep destroying any nests that they build around the garden, I’m hoping that the possums will move further out into the bush around us.

Pray for me, Dear Reader, it’s tough here on the frontline; but if I can hold my nerve, maybe my garden will be saved.

Care packages gratefully accepted.