Boxes. Boxes and boxes. Boxes of boxes. Tonight I will dream of boxes.

No, we are not moving. We are refreshing and refurbishing the office. Everything has been packed into boxes and crammed into one half of the office. Tomorrow, the long brick wall will be re-painted. The next day, the office will be re-carpeted on one side, then everything moved to that side, and re-carpeted on the other side. This is because we have no storage area. I envision a sort of swelling tidal movement of furniture and boxes. I wish I had taken lots of photos of it now, I could have made a stop-motion-type thingy of the ebb and flow of all that stuff.

Thank goodness, we do have the boys to help us. But I’m done in, in any case. Stopping at the hardware on the way home, I chose the paint in approximately 10 minutes. The paint that I will be looking at for the next three years. At least. Was this wise, I am now wondering?