Hello. Wow, Spring is really here, huh?

If you have an ugly old water tank to hide, I can recommend ‘Albertine’. Just as long as you don’t need to get access to the tank. Very thorny.

The west side of the house is covered by the Virginia creeper and the Charles Austin climbing rose. The standard roses in the front of these are ‘Grace’. It’s a little rangy to make a good standard, but it does look lovely at this time of year.

‘Charles Austin’ has a misleadingly masculine name for a very feminine rose. It opens deep apricot in colour, then fades to a soft pink.

This is the vegie patch, all cleaned up and lettuce, rocket, tomatoes, capsicum and parsley planted. The plastic bottles are Leo’s method of keeping the snails and slugs from demolishing the frail new seedlings. Sadly, the zucchini seedlings were eaten before he thought of this idea.

The terrace has been cleaned after a long wet winter turned the pavers almost black.

VCE exams are upon us and we all look forward to the end of that, I can tell you. Were you gripped by the US election? Us too. It was just like an episode of the West Wing.