A beautiful, quiet day spent at home, at last. After a cold week, it is warm and the air feels as soft as silk. A day for some weeding and reflection on the many tasks yet to be done.

The birds have gone spring crazy. We are surrounded by darting flocks of silver-eye finches and fire-tail robins, pairs of honey-eaters, fly-catchers and blue wrens and the ubiquitous magpie families. Rosellas and galahs come and go. Every evening, dozens of corellas wheel across the sky, from north to south, calling and calling to each other. 

The echiums are flowering beautifully this year, really filling out the beds under the gums around the drive, and standing straight for once. The little birds swarm over them, sipping the nectar greedily, like demented, over-sized bees.

I have been clearing out the house, taking loads of books, magazines and clothing to the op-shop. Today, I threw all my teaching materials in the bin. The way TAFE is heading now, I don’t think I’ll be teaching there again. Time to let go of that stuff, too.

I am walking around with a big ugly bandage on my face, as I had a mole removed last Thursday. The bandage cannot come off until Wednesday. Some people ask about it, most do not. I don’t really mind, but it is interesting how people react. I guess that I wouldn’t ask, unless it was someone I knew well.

Clearing out cupboards, weeding the garden beds, sweeping the deck and the terrace, baking cake for the boys, who are studying hard; all these things are balm to my soul. I am thankful for these peaceful interludes. I’m hoping to make more of them. And I hope you are having a peaceful Sunday, too. x