Hello again.

Yes, at last a post. I guess if an overabundance of jonquils in the spring sunshine doesn’t get me inspired, then nothing will. Also, I really needed to boast that all the jonquils are from the garden.

They’re the ones that got felled by the rain. The viburnum is out, but you’ve missed much of the wattle. And hasn’t it been wet? My goodness. The mud.

The spring sunshine is so soft.

I’ve not been entirely idle. I was complaining about the ugly shed wall, back in April, in this post. Here was my problem:

and here is my solution:

On the other side, it was this:

and now, it’s this:

I’m rather pleased with it. What do you think?

Sadly, it is not yet actually finished. There are two large unpainted patches behind the vines and on the other side behind the water tank. But I will get there.

I also moved some under-performing roses and perennials, and planted these lime-green native grasses in the bed in front of the pond.

And I finally cleaned out the study and replaced the old trestle table with a proper desk. You should know that it’s taken me twelve years to do this. The study is much more inviting now. It looks a bit dull and needs some prettying up; but it looked like a junk room previously, so I’m on the right track. Gotta get rid of that dreadful light fitting, though. The big news is that I have drawers! For stationery!

I also got the couch and carpets steam cleaned. A big job involving shuffling of furniture and sorting of piles of stuff that was hidden under beds and couches and concealed behind cupboards. So I guess you could surmise that Spring fever has struck again.

Now I’m off to sort the washing. Sorting in the evening under low-energy lighting means the navy socks and the black socks will all be wrongly paired again. Ah, well. First world problems. Toodle-pip.