Happy Mothers Day for yesterday, everyone. Even the non-mothers. You all deserve a good day.

Now, here is a list of the stuff I have been preoccupied with right now:

1. Mint. Especially spearmint. Especially spearmint chewing gum.

2. Fluff. Cosy woollens, tabby kittens, sheepskin rugs and fluffy, mindless magazines or tv shows that I can curl up on the couch with while the rain taps on the windows.

3. Sufjan. I am dreaming of a trip to Sydney next week to see Sufjan Stevens playing a special composition with two other musicians. Anyone want to come? So far, it’s just me and my dreams.

4. Kitchens. Mine is beautiful, but quite impractical, as I have mentioned before. I am jealously obsessing over pictures of sensible kitchens with masses of storage space and designated task areas.

5. Appointments. How can I have so many appointments lately? The electrician, the Telstra shop, the women’s health clinic for a check-up, the acupuncturist, the careers counsellor for Max, the tyre place to get a wheel alignment done, there’s always something else and I desperately need a haircut, but when will I fit it in?