Pomegranates are so beautiful. Their amazing colour impelled me to get out the old sketchbook last week.

The weekend was very busy. On Saturday, we had to drop the Brumby off to the mechanic. Again. Our poor dear Brumby has spent a long time at the mechanics in the last few months. He has had his engine reconditioned and even then had to take a trip in the tow truck back to the workshop. Twice. This time, he is running well. Well-ish. Oh, all right, except for the burning petrol part.

On Sunday, Pete and I went to a Biodynamic Farming/Gardening Introductory field day. We made an amazing compost heap and learned how to apply the special preparation called 500. It was all quite complex, but the care and respect shown for the land and the soil resonated with me. I will be doing some more reading about it.

Tonight I have yoga, so I must away. Toodles.