These dwarf banksias are around five years old now and flowering really well. They’re called ‘Coastal Cushion’. I should have taken a closer shot for you. Hang on, I will…

I am really enjoying the picture these little plants are making in the garden now. I’m also enjoying the matchy-matchy effect of the rusted ‘Mandala’ sculpture with the leaves of the pin oak.

Let’s just pretend that I intended that effect, okay? Clever me.

Another little treasure in flower now is the Australian native heath, epacris longiflora. I know, this is not the greatest photo, but seriously I’m not rushing out there again for you people. Demanding.

Pretty, isn’t it? I bought that little plant from Kuranga Nursery (also where the ‘Coastal Cushion’ came from). It was on sale and looked half-dead at the time, so I’m pretty pleased to see it looking so floriferous now. But you can’t get too smug with native plants; they can have a habit of turning up their toes just as soon as you get all ‘my, don’t they look magnificent, what a great gardener I am…’ with them.

Succulents, however, you can’t kill with an axe. Which is the only reason these little neglected pots have any green poking up from them at all.

So the weekend has brought the usual house work and a flying visit to the Finders Keepers market yesterday. Which was a bit of a waste, really, as I hadn’t enough time to really have a look at anything. But there was some time yesterday morning to sit in the sun drinking coffee and browsing old magazines, dreaming about moving to a crumbling, historic house in the country…

Also, some cooking was done. I made bread again, after a long hiatus.

For awhile, there, carbs and especially wheat, were no go for my digestive system. So nice to be eating them again. Boo to stupid carb-free diets, they’re awful. Anyone who tells you otherwise is obviously insane.

Brace yourselves; I cooked a Heston Blumenthal recipe. And it is delicious, despite my desperate substitution of unavailable ingredients.  Can’t show you the pic, as Leo and I are pigs and have already eaten most of it and the leftover bits look most unattractive. I have Big Plans to make it again, and present it all chef-fy like, so I’ll photograph it then, promise.

Hope your weekend is going well too. x