Four days off, and I didn’t post? How did that happen? Er, hope you all had a good Easter and all that…

It’s a beautiful time of year, isn’t it? I’ve been in the garden a fair bit. It’s perfect weather for it. Except for that cold snap we had for a couple of days. We even put a fire on.

But I came home yesterday and the house was as hot as an oven, so we let it go out. And now the weather is back to heavenly.

The second learner driver of the house, Max, is keen to make some driving time, so that little bit of time between work and dinner often finds me in the car, clutching the passenger side door handle, preparing to leap out before impact.

Nah, not really, he’s actually pretty good.

Will have to update you on garden developments more fully in a future post. But for now it’s back to the world to prepare dinner… actually, to drive to dinner, if I am being completely accurate, as we are heading out to The Fitz tonight.

It’s a hard knock life, I know.