We did; we girded our loins and braved the crowds and sallied forth to the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show at the exhibition centre. In the excitement of leaving, I forgot my camera, so you’ll have to forgive the less than wonderful shots taken using my phone.

The weird and wonderful floral displays in the hall are always worth a gander.

This lady looks rather pleased with her horrible outfit, doesn’t she?

This one looks like she was attacked by a florist. She probably was.

Whereas, this lady looks distinctly unimpressed with her pretty hydrangea skirt.

This was my favourite display, with the little paper cranes in rainbow colours. It looked different- and lovely- from every angle.

Then it was time to venture out to the garden displays. The last time I visited the show was in the middle of the drought. Hard landscaping punctuated with pots of succulents were all the go then. So I was most excited to see actual plants used in some of the garden displays. I know. I am easily excited.

A little garden using all recycled materials was very cute.

And the other garden that really attracted me also used recycled materials, but on a much larger, grander scale.

Downsides to the show? You need to avoid masses of dodgy stalls, not including the specialist plant stalls, which are interesting. And you know that most of the display gardens could not be reproduced without a massive sack of moolah; but still, there were plenty of ideas there to provoke some thought on design.

I came away with the thought that I need a clearer vision for my garden; while patchy can work, it requires more effort to make it do so. Inspiration enough.