As I mentioned in the previous post, for nine years now, I have been involved in a school fundraiser; an art show that runs for a weekend at the school. Which was last weekend. It’s taken me all week to recover from it. I think I have. Maybe. Even though I did fall asleep on the couch at 9.30 last night. And forgot it was bin night. Sigh.

So here’s how it works. The art show team has a bit of a system for setting up, one that we have worked out over the years, and although we were in a new space, everything still went fairly smoothly. Except that it took us longer. Much longer.

All the work is delivered Thursday afternoon. It’s laid out on the floor and we try to gauge how it will all work together. Our aim is always for a lovely flow to the work. With 225 entries from different artists- up to 3 each- you can imagine the challenge.

Once all the work has been delivered, we go and have dinner. Then we come back and the hanging begins.

As you see, it’s getting pretty late. Actually, we didn’t finish until 5.30am the next morning. That’s about 4 hours longer than it usually takes us.

The next day is spent labelling the work, adding flowers, candles and coloured silks where needed, and making everything perfect for the opening that evening.

It was really nice to have additional rooms in the new space, in contrast to the old venue, which was the school gymnasium. It added another dimension, exploring the show.

Doesn’t it look good? The opening night was a great success, lots of people, food, wine and talk. Although some of us were too tired to make much sense, of course.

And then, on the weekend, the cafe was open, with cakes, coffee, biscuits and even soup. In this new building, we can open the cafe to the outdoors, and have people sitting outside in the sunshine with their drinks. Fancy!

It was a wonderful weekend. Then all too soon, Sunday 4pm came, and it was time to pack it all away, returning works to the artists, or handing it over to the lucky owners of some new art. Then the building is cleaned and the furniture returned to its rightful places from the storeroom. And there you go… another year done. All that work; all the organisation, the paperwork, the working bee to refurbish and repair the display screens, the signage to be made up and hung up, the pleasure of seeing it all come together, the mad flurry of opening night, the cakes delivered and eaten and coffee drunk, the artists and people come to see it all, all done and dusted for another year. Thanks team!