Happy Or-stray-lia Day for last Thursday everyone.

Did we take advantage and close the office on Friday as well, you may be wondering?

You bet we did. Un-Or-stray-lian not too, innit?

(Is anyone else addicted to these mints too? Cinnamon flavour, mmmm. I’m on my own with this in my household. Which is good.)

I came over all domestic and baked brownies. I make the best brownies, if I do say so myself. Yummy. If anyone wants to challenge me, I’m willing to stage a bake-off.

Also, I have been running. Every morning. I know. I thought I couldn’t too.

And stuffs a-brewing, artistically speaking. I have been playing around with pictures in my head and materials found in my art cupboard.

It’s all been fun. Back to work tomorrow, and hoping for a cool change. And rain. It’s still too darn hot. Love youse all. xx