It’s true. I am besotted with my new camera. All sorts of little scenes around the house are making me run to fetch it. Like; the colours of flowery china…

or the afternoon sun streaming through the kitchen window…

yes, even garlic looks poetic in that light.

Back at work this week, and I have continued photographing what I am wearing each morning; I am finding it so useful in assessing what I am wearing and forcing me to try new combinations. I have a lazy habit of just wearing the same thing over and over if I like it, but using the camera is breaking me of this. I don’t really want to put more of those photos on this blog, because it seems unnecessary and maybe a bit narcissistic. However, I would like to keep them in some order somewhere, just to jog my memory and keep me motivated. Maybe Flickr?

Hmm, more time on the computer. Not necessarily what I had in mind.

And how, you are asking, am I steely-eyed and resolute? Well, I have taken a good hard look at the state of the garden and at my ability to manage it. The upshot of which is that I have finally employed the services, for a few hours each week, of a gardener.

This is big for me. I’ve never paid anyone to help me with the garden maintenance before. It has never seemed worth spending the money on something I could tackle myself, if I just found the time and energy to do so. But to see Tony working in the garden, and to know that I have some assistance with that enormous weeding, trimming and tidying job that a large garden entails… well, I have actually felt a weight that I didn’t realise was there lift a little. Today he pulled masses of blackberries and weedy passionfruit rootstock out of the banksia rose hedge. And cleaned it away afterwards. Oh, happiness.

The plan is to have a bit of a blitz to get the garden under control, clean it up and perhaps simplify the garden beds a bit and then have Tony keep some less frequent, but more consistent, maintenance going.

I guess this all part of my on-going goal, which is to practise a little more self-care and not to succumb to the delusion that I have to do everything myself all the time. Learning to delegate work is now a part of my life journey. Well, it’s about time really, isn’t it? It’s all about time.