I did it! Yesterday I girded my loins and tackled my wardrobe. Yes indeed, there was much loin girding going on around these parts.

I pulled everything out, vacuumed, sorted and threw out stuff and put the remainder back in some sort of order. Triumph! I even sorted Pete’s ridiculously random pile of clothing into the proper drawers and boxes.

No, these are the AFTER shots. Seriously.

In my defence, I have a ridiculously tiny amount of cupboard space. I have a large chest of drawers to supplement this (not the blue one in the photo, that’s Petes), plus a mini chest of drawers next to my bed. But drawers are really only good for underwear and t-shirts, don’t you think? Anything else in drawers gets forgotten about. I also store some of my knitwear in a box under the bed. Being a fan of jackets, I tend to not wear much knitted clothing anyway, apart from a few cardigans. I loooove my jackets.

So I now have a bootload of stuff to go to the op shop.

I am hoping this re-organisation will invigorate my wardrobe and get me wearing clothes that I might otherwise have not considered. So what did I wear today? Lovers of flat shoes look away…

I love my gorgeous clogs. They’re from Funkis.

What else did I do yesterday? Well, I did one drawing, put on two loads of washing, watched two episodes from series three of ‘West Wing’, drank coffee and ate nutmeg cake and also rice cakes with avocado, mayonnaise, tomato and cucumber on them, took kids to the station, went to the fish shop and the supermarket and listened to David Bowie in between bursts of rain that was so loud on the tin roof that it drowned anything else out.

Yep. A lazy holiday day.