Happy New Year everyone. Here’s hoping 2012 will be kind to us all.

On these hot days, the most enjoyable time to be in the garden is the morning. Shall we take a tour? Okay then.

Let’s start with ‘Tamora’, a David Austin rose. The most fragrant rose, with a heady and spicy scent. Particularly pretty with blue salvia and dark purple buddleia, B. ‘Dark Knight’. The orange monarch butterflies love the buddleia.

We bought a new pot, for a bargain price, at Bunnings:

I am very pleased with the contrast it makes against the purple fountain grass and the silvery leaves of the echiums behind it.

Here are the dahlias; they perform better every year, and I can’t remember how I ever managed without them.

And behind the burgundy dahlias are the ‘Glamis Castle’ roses, looking less rubbish than usual this year, I must admit. But how difficult is it to take decent photos of white flowers?

The contrast is too great for my little pocket camera. Anyway, next come and see the miscanthus, a grass I adore for the way it captures the light. This one is M. ‘Sarabande’

The Christmas lilies are just about finished for this season.

I’m not sure that the bright clear yellow of these canna lilies is terribly successful with the gentle amber colour of the ‘Grace’ rose.

But I’m really enjoying the strong orange of these little crocosmia flowers. I think I may have the weedy variety though, so I’ll have to be vigilant with it.

And where do the dogs hide on these hot days? Scamp thinks the coffee table on the deck will protect him.

But Miss Scruffy is older and wiser, and knows that the wild strawberries under the apple tree are a cooler option.

And me? I’ll be here for a while:

reading under the umbrella, until the heat drives me inside. Then I shall recline upon the couch and watch either old episodes of ‘West Wing’ or ‘Buffy’ depending on which of the boys is with me at the time.

Ah, holidays.