These garden photos have been on my camera waiting for me to get around to blogging. Today I am home from work early, because I have gone from perfectly well to explosively sneezing, miserable, exhausted and unfit for society, all in the space of three hours. So I have made some chicken soup, and now I am putting my leaden head to the task of catching up here.

As you will see, if you look closely, our friendly lizards are still at home under the buddha statue.

I am so behind on posting, this photo is from two weeks ago. Dear ‘Charles Austin’, that most feminine of roses, is still blooming, but not as abundantly as it was in this photo.

Three roses were hastily moved to make way for paving by the pool and just planted all in a clump. They now look like one huge rose bush. On this side you can see ‘Molineux’ and ‘Jude the Obscure’. The other side is a ‘Graham Thomas’.


One day, I might have an all-green garden. No flowers. Just serenity and calm.

But more likely not.

And look, I painted the kitchen wall black. Not a conventional choice, but I have reasons.

Mainly the glare from the large skylight, which is now diminished substantially. But also, I just really like black.

The wall behind the large kitchen cabinet got the black treatment too.

I know we love our all-white houses here in Australia, but sometimes I do find them a little boring and somewhat clinical. Many of the homes I see in magazines look like laboratories, with their stainless steel kitchens and white walls everywhere. I may have over-reacted a little here. But it was fun to change the room so dramatically.

Now I am off to eat a bowl of chicken soup. And take some aspirin.