‘Albertine’ is now in it’s full glory and when the sun warms up the blooms, a gorgeous perfume drifts all over the garden.

I looked for a photo of this rose when it was first planted, and the one below is the closest I could find. Pete is constructing his therapy wall* and in the background you can see the old water tank and ‘Albertine’ just in front of it. This was in December 2007.

When the wall was finished, I painted the old tank charcoal and Peter constructed a frame for the rose to grow on.

And this is now:

You can’t even see the tank or the frame when you’re standing by the wall. You can see them a little from the other side, and only then because I have to cut the rose back to allow access to the tap:

Watching the garden evolve is one of the great joys of being a gardener, and is also why I need to remember to take photos of the bits I don’t like, as well as those I do.

*Pete was going through extended and horrible business negotiations at this time and he said building the wall was his therapy, a respite from thinking about the work situation.