Spring is in full swing now and every day as I walk through the garden, I notice fresh leaves appearing and new flowers opening. The japanese maples are already lush and green, and now the canopies of the robinias and the oak tree are starting to thicken and filter the sunlight.

Do you remember ant kingdom? The area of garden where no-one could venture as it was colonised by bull ants? Mostly, I am happy to share the garden with the wildlife around here. But I draw the line at bull ants. These relentlessly angry and aggressive creatures will not share and will not be placated. They are like tiny Tony Abbotts.

Well, I went and bought some ant dust and poisoned the nest. Not a thing I like to do, but enough is enough. So now I have reclaimed ant kingdom. I can weed amongst the irises and the roses in peace and the dogs can safely follow me, as they are wont to do, snuffling at the freshly turned ground and lying on heaps of mulch with the sun on their fur.

To the victor the spoils.