In the study, there is a tacky print that I bought from Camberwell Market, because I like the frame. Over the print I have stuck some calming images gathered from various places. They are very soothing.

Mostly, I think I am a calm person. But marriage and motherhood can test even those of us blessed with an even temperament.

The other night, I was standing at the sink and scrubbing the wooden chopping boards when Peter made a remark that annoyed me so much, that I opened the back door and hurled the chopping boards into the garden while rather forcefully giving my opinion about that remark.

Those of you who are married will guess correctly that the remark he made would seem quite innocuous. To any one else.

The larger and heavier chopping board didn’t go far. I retrieved it the next day. The smaller and lighter one landed in the rose arch, right up the top. It’s still there.

Did I feel better after my tantrum? Yes. Am I sorry? No. Was I watching Pete looking for that little chopping board yesterday evening and being totally bewildered as to where it could have gone? Why, yes; yes I was. And I didn’t tell him. Will I be fetching the ladder and retrieving the chopping board? …. not just yet.