I took a rest weekend. We have a lot of extra work on right now, which is starting to show in the dark stains under my eyes.

So no outings this weekend, just a heap of home-time. No drawing and no working either (yes, I did consider going in to the office to ‘catch up’, however I thought that might be counter-productive. But Pete did not feel the same and he has been in there all day today…).

All I have done is a bit of housework and a bit of reading. Walked the dog. Stared at all the weeds in despair. Threatened to pull out the hardenbergia, which has strangled a little wattle tree.

Why is it I seem to spend years encouraging things to grow and then the ensuing years trying to discourage it from taking over the entire garden?

Have you plants never heard of MODERATION?

My magnolias are all gone. First a cloud of tiny finches descended upon the flowers, plunging into the middle of each one and kicking vigourously. I don’t know why. This knocked most of them about. And then some pretty heavy rain finished them off.

All around my neighbourhood, there are HUGE magnolia trees with hundreds of blooms on them. I can only grind my teeth with envy.