Happy Wednesday! Today was one out of the box, a gorgeously warm and sunny winter’s day. I took a walk around the garden with my camera after work. The light was fading fast.

The winter-bare branches of the deciduous trees are so beautiful. Makes me want to get my sketchbook out.

I always love the lime green of the euphorbia bracts. It’s a colour that works beautifully with everything, and is especially lovely when contrasted with deep purple and bronze.

Our little magnolia tree has not grown an inch in ten years, until this year when it has suddenly grown a startlingly tall new branch. Another effect of the end of the drought. A nicer one than the sogginess of the lawn.

Do you adore white magnolias? Me too. At this time of year, I would say they are my absolute favourite flower. But ask me again when the roses are out.

Hope you all had a beautiful Wednesday too.