The white magnolias on our little tree look quite ghostly as the day turns dark. Twilight is definitely magic time for white flowers.

Yesterday was spent basking in the sun like a lizard, whenever it was possible between all the usual stuff, washing, vacuuming, and all the rest of it. It was nice to get out in the garden, despite the sogginess of the ground.

The miniature daffodils are coming out now.

And the hardenbergia is looking glorious. Yesterday it was covered with fuzzy golden bees.

Not much time to make art, but the spotty jugs got another starring role.

Sorry it’s a bit out of focus, I was late home tonight and the light was fading.

Also, I thought I should give you the update on our no shopping at Coles or Safeway/Woolworths stand. I’m happy to say it’s going very well and I don’t miss it one bit. A habit that I thought would be very inconvenient to change has actually shifted quite readily. And keeping out of huge supermarkets is really such a relief; they are horrid, stress-inducing places. I don’t think I could go back, even if our moral objections were assuaged. Win for the little guys!