Oh my, boys and girls, it’s been a big week. Changes at work have consumed a fair stack of my energy, plus I went out twice in the evening. Plus yoga, which makes it three times. This never happens. I’m very much the stay at home, feet up by the fire type of gal.

Yes, this is my preferred spot.

But it was all worth it; I went to see Harry P on Tuesday, as mentioned in my last post, and on Thursday evening, saw Seeker Lover Keeper out at Stones in the Yarra Valley. This is the hyper-talented union of Holly Throsby, Sally Seltmann and Sarah Blasko. I hadn’t seen any of them live before, and they were enchanting. Very fresh and lovely, such divine voices. There was a lotta of luurv in the room and it was a great evening.

So, not so much drawing done this week. A fair bit of lounging around done today and recharging of the batteries, ready for another big week at work coming up. I caught up with all those Supernatural eps I had recorded. Those boys! I’m such a fan…

Plus, Happy Birthday for last Friday to my dear friends and most loyal of readers, Jane and Lisa. I love you. Or as my ever-affectionate fridge would say, I WUV OO.