We went to Fiji! It was so waaarrrmmmm… and there were fish and coral and palm trees and frangipani and turquoise seas and did I mention it was warm? We slept with the doors open and the fan on and when we woke up, we could walk to the beach and swim before breakfast and the water wasn’t cold, not one bit. It was lover-ly. I took roughly a billion photos, so here are just a few. You’ll get the idea.

But now we are back. The flight on the way home was delayed for four stinking hours, which meant we were waiting at Nadi airport for a total of six long, boring hours. So, so not fun. We got home at 3.00 am this morning and travelling is the absolute pits. Why hasn’t anyone invented instant teleportation yet? This is the future, isn’t it? And while we’re on the subject, where’s my robot maid?