I HATE not having enough time to post regularly. It’s driving me nuts. Too often, I’m home too late to take any photos; the light is gone already on these short winter days. Hooray for Friday. I’m over-compensating by taking photos of all sorts of random stuff. Here, look at some apples.

Also, check this; I have raised a young man who knows how to vacuum. Yay for me. See, it was worth reading all those feminist texts.

He has no idea how to dress, however. Pyjamas on bottom, coat on top? Weird.

This is on our fridge, because I think Oslo Davis is ace.

Also, the cat in sunglasses reminds me of Max.


When you are having coffee alone in a cafe you can feel a little self-conscious. But you put your phone out on the table and suddenly you are no longer alone. You are having coffee with your phone. Which just shows everyone there that, actually you do have friends, who could ring you at any time. Which they don’t. But they could. You see?