I have been reading ‘The Orchid Thief’ by Susan Orlean and enjoying it. Total immersion in this strange, obsessive world of orchid growers and the equally unlikely potted history of white settlement in Florida has been very satisfying; especially after reading several sadly non-immersive fiction books. (Although, I did like ‘The Poisonwood Bible’ but more on that later, perhaps.)

Anyway, as I optimistically hung out washing in the winter sunshine yesterday, this flower peered over the fence at me:

It’s an orchid that was gifted to me years ago, sitting neglected and alone in a black plastic pot on a table under a gum tree. I have no idea what sort it is. Or how to look after it. But I felt like the book I was reading was coming to life around me- a very little bit of it, anyway. There has also been a film made of the book called ‘Adaptation’. I have borrowed the dvd and with any luck might even get time to watch it before I have to return it.

Meanwhile, my mess is still all over the dining table and we are reduced to eating at the coffee table. A bad habit to get into, as it is way to conducive to watching tv while you eat. Which is fine on the odd night, not so good if it’s more often. I’d better clear it up, but I have been so enjoying just working on several pieces there that I have been reluctant. The shape of these little spotty jugs, in particular, is very pleasing to me, as is the use of the textured paper.

Oh, and I’ve changed my header at last. I was only meaning to preview a new header actually, but WordPress seemed to have other ideas, and I couldn’t change it back. So there you go.