No, not me, silly. This guy, who popped up in the wheelbarrow full of wood yesterday. A gorgeous, vivid green praying mantis.

Whoops, forgot to crop that one. Oh well.

My grandfather was a potter in his free time and he made this lovely bowl. I found the spotty handmade paper in a gift shop and it really reflects the rough, speckled texture of the bowl. That was fun, so I stuck a few more patterned papers on for good measure.

This is the bowl.

And this is the mess I make when I’m arting. There’s stuff all over the floor as well.

I’ve always dreamt of a studio of my own, a real studio where I can leave my mess untouched and my art materials out and ready to use, but now I wonder if that would really work for me. Might feel a bit too far from the action. After all these years of interruptions and distractions, maybe I wouldn’t be able to work without them. I wonder.