Have any of you seen ‘The Selby’? It is the hipster style guide, dontchya know. If you have a wildebeest head mounted on your wall with kooky flea-market hats hanging from its horns, or a stuffed guinea fowl perched on your old bookshelf which is overflowing with secondhand Penguin paperbacks, or possibly a bathtub filled with designer shoes in your living room, then you may even be in it. I have a deer’s antler on my sideboard, so I’m making inroads.

Yeah, I’m gonna put a bird on it. (‘Portlandia’ reference; you should watch this if you haven’t yet. And the restaurant one.)

Meanwhile, Miss Scruffy is always cool, and a path of fallen maple leaves is the perfect background for a white fur coat, she thinks.

Drwaing are still being produced. I’ll let you know when I make a good one.

Until then, stay groovy, hipsters.