How can a whole week have gone by without posting? Well, it’s been a bit of a battle on the new server front at work, and once again my day off went out the window; but all is finally sorted. I hope. At home we had a temporary interruption to services while we upgraded our modem and broadband. But now, this can happen:

The boys are using the internet on their laptops and at the same time I am posting on my desktop. Even our television is now linked up to the internet. And it’s still faster than the old service, even with all three of us using it. Oh, the wonders of the modern age.

So, things I have missed telling you about.

Firstly, I never mentioned that I went to see Terry Pratchett, wait, I mean Sir Terry Pratchett, speak when he was in Melbourne some weeks ago. Mum and I are fans, so off we went, on a rainy Tuesday night, into the city. We had some snacky dinner things at Bar Lourinha and a glass of wine, and then made our way through the rainy streets to RMIT Storey Hall. This is indeed, as the host of the night said, the ugliest hall in the entire world. Even worse on the inside than it is on the outside.

Sir Terry, as you might know, has been diagnosed with Alzheimers. We both felt a little apprehensive. Would he be okay? At the start of his talk, he seemed a bit frail, a little unsure of himself; but as he progressed, he really got into his stride and was clever and funny and thoughtful. A small portion of his next book was read out to the adoring crowd. I really did have little idea how very popular he is. The hall was packed and the audience was hanging on his every word. It was wonderful.

I fully intended to post on Mother’s Day, but didn’t due to extreme headachey blah-ness. However, I did make a chocolate and quince tart from Maggie Beer’s recipe and took it up the mountains to share with my mum, which was lovely. And if you follow the link, you’ll realise that I have been sucked into watching Master Chef again, despite all their annoying product placement and blatant commercialism. I still find it inspiring me to actually cook something, so that keeps me watching.

And speaking of the telly, Doctor Who is back on again. Hooray. And it’s so good. I cannot wait to watch the next one, I have to restrain myself from watching spoilers on the net.

Reading-wise, I have read a few novels and I should update my list, but really nothing I could recommend or even bother writing about, sadly. Hopefully I will find a good book soon.

In garden related news, we have had new drains and a new driveway put in. The unprecedented rain had completely washed away the old driveway and it was like driving up a creek bed. Plus the rain had made a rushing stream of our pathways and a pond of the round garden. And each time it rained, it got worse. But now the drains have fixed that problem. Also, we now live on a sealed road. For the first time in twenty years. Such luxury. So I guess I won’t be needing that heavenly scroll any more.

Remember what the driveway used to look like?

As I have said before, I am halfway through painting every ceiling in the house. So far I have managed the study, our bedroom, the hallway, most of the kitchen and some of the dining room. The hallway looked so nice when the ceiling was finished that we were inspired to replace the very yucky light fittings. The new ones are groovy, baby. Look:

They do give a really nice light. Sort of dappled and moody. Like an inner-city bar. Yet they still manage to be brighter than the old lamps. Maybe it’s because we also changed to better light bulbs?

The red Roman shields were made by the boys when they were in Class Six, studying Roman history. I think it was Class Six. The entire class practised Roman formations on the oval with them, even putting on a demonstration at the fair one year. Which class did that, Leo’s or Max’s? Maybe both. The memories all blur together over time.

These white proteas in the green vase were originally sitting on the wood stove. Then Leo decided to light a fire. Without removing them first. They were slightly toasted before Peter noticed they were there and rescued them. Earlier in the season, I had a whole bunch of candles sitting on the stove. And Leo decided to light a fire. Without removing them first. There is still wax everywhere. So who is the slow learner here? Me, or Leo?

And now a photo for Mrs Soup:

who had the temerity to mock the pink pie in the drawing on my last post. So there, Mrs Soup, this is my pink pie.