Day off? What day off? Two words, my friends, put paid to that care-free dream; ‘server migration’. Let us draw a veil over the unsightly IT details, suffice to say that COMPUTERS ARE OF THE DEVIL. But who cares, for, lo, it is Friday night, and the weary shall have their rest. Feet up, vino poured and telly on. Oh yes, it’s wild times around here.

Yeah, poopy sketches, I know. I need to get out out of the house to get some sketching mojo back, but right now it’s office or home, office or home. Blech. I tried to draw the ironing board for Victoria; but I like to draw clutter, and I just couldn’t pile the washing high enough to oblige. Surprising, yes?

Also apologies for poor quality of pics. I think I really am due for a new camera. Overdue.