What a wonderful holiday Easter is. The weather is usually beautiful and this year it lived up to expectation. We had the Easter egg hunt in the garden with boys of all ages participating.

And why the long blog break? I guess I added one more project to the load and that broke me. Max has been helping me paint the ceiling, a job I never really wanted to take on, but in the end the stained and dark old wood- in the dining area particularly- has niggled at me to do it. I am nearly halfway there, so there may be more bloggy breaks as I push on with it.

I am still drawing every day- nearly. Proof:

What else have I been doing? Nothing earth shattering, just minor changes to my routine. I’ve been trying cut down on processed foods, do a short yoga session and meditation every morning, walk the dog more frequently and eat an apple each day. But I still eat too much chocolate, drink too much wine and think about clothes way too much.

We’ve changed our grocery shopping habits recently. Pete read an article about Safeway owning so many poker machines and wanting to buy more and he was disgusted. I have been worried about Coles treating farmers so badly ( and Coles also owns hotels with poker machines) and maybe I have been influenced by Librarygirl’s example. So we agreed; good bye to the Evil Empire. No more of our money will go to the big two. No Coles and no Safeway/Woolworths; which means also no buying petrol at those outlets, no Dan Murphy and no…. well, actually Bunnings is the sticking point. We don’t have many alternatives around here, they have effectively killed off the smaller hardware outlets.

But so far so good. IGA has benefited and so have all the local greengrocers. And we feel good about saying no to those too-powerful conglomerates. Power to the people, comrades. Except the yucky ones.