Pete took a day off- well nearly a whole day- on Friday and we took a trip up to Kyneton, where we heard wonderful things were happening. And they are happening, people, I can testify. Art galleries, textile studios, clothing shops, bistros, cafes, produce markets, collectibles, all jammed into one wonderful street in Kyneton, which otherwise seems to be the Croydon of the country.

I took my camera and sketchbook along with good intentions, but I was so busy experiencing everything, I really didn’t remember to pull them out. So I only have some pissy, wobbly sketches made in the car to show you.

And on the way home, we caught the peak hour traffic on the ring road. Yay for good planning.

The country views from the car were so lovely, but how to sketch something that changes every second? And the views on the ring road were fascinatingly ugly. Pylons and roadworks and industrial estates interspersed with random plots of McMansions. Horrendous.

On Saturday night, my parents were around for dinner. Their trained attack dogs brought Leo down.

And I now have photographic evidence that Spike is a actually a demon dog:

You see why I need the dudes from Supernatural around here? Now? Exorcism time!