Yes, it’s true. After being so stupidly tired from the weekend, instead of staying in with a good book and cup of tea last night, I went out to see the Comedy Bites (free) show, which is a sort of taster for the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Comedians of all sorts perform for about 10 minutes each for two hours. There’s always a few you want to go and see in their individual shows afterwards. I think I’ll book in for the Pyjama Men (from the US) and local act Anne Edmonds. I hadn’t seen either before and they were both so funny I was crying from laughing.

The boys came with us and we had dinner at Chocolate Buddha before the show. The food was SO GOOD. I could eat Japanese food every night. If only I had my own Japanese chef. Sigh. Once again, my  plans come undone due to lack of staff.

It was a fun night and I was in bed by midnight, so it wasn’t that late. Then I remembered the drawing challenge. Hence, I treat you to the fascinating view of my bedside table:

Any complaints about the quality of the work can be directed to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.