A small blogging break, due to the art show on the weekend. It felt strange. And I’ve only really been posting every day from February. Weird how quickly a habit is formed.

Anyway, the art show was fun as always, but exhausting. Today I am not totally in my body, due to tiredness. But tomorrow, I will be fully recovered.

I managed two terrible sketches over the last three days. This one was done in the wee hours of Friday morning, after Leo and I got home from hanging the show.

Leo needed to check Facebook at 2.30am or whatever it was. The angle is odd because I was sitting on the floor looking up. Too tired and wired to go straight to bed, we drank tea and ate a Lindt bunny.

On Friday, there were final adjustments to be made, labelling to be done, late entries and early sales to deal with, and then opening night. I was commandeered to make the opening speech, which must be the shortest speech we have ever had in the entire history of the show

This is on Saturday, which I spent mostly in my pyjamas, recovering from the day before. Max is sitting on the floor reading. A lovely restful day. Except for the housework. We went out Saturday night to see some of Leo’s former classmates in a play, which was great. Those kids (young adults I should say, I suppose) have so much talent and energy.

Sunday, on duty at the show and then pack up Sunday night. Today I am a zombie. Back to normal service soon.