I am LOSING it! Last night I was so wrecked after doing all the whatsits I had to do and the anticipation of today’s funeral for Jack, I couldn’t even draw a (really want to swear here, but Jack never swore, so I feel bad) glass of water. As the evidence above shows.

Tried again, just a corner of the bedroom, but nope. Nothing was going to work at that time and in my state of mind.

And you can see quite clearly that my camera has a shadowy spot on the lens that will NOT clean off. I have been aware of this for awhile, but have been trying to ignore it. Shadowy spot, what shadowy spot? La la la la-la, sorry, I can’t hear a word you’re saying…

Anyway, today is over, the service went beautifully, Pete spoke well, all is okay. Now, maybe things can get back to normal. Better days ahead, people. Better days ahead.