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This picture is too dark, you can see the white paper looks grey. It can be tricky taking these photos at night.

When I was little, I had a picture book called Naughty Agapanthus. Agapanthus was the unfortunate name of a naughty girl. She was naughty because she took off her clothes and jumped in the fish pond, when her mother had told her to wear her warm jumper because it was cold. Then she got sick and the doctor made her take very nasty medicine. So there, naughty Agapanthus, that will teach you!

I just googled the book; it was by Barbara Macfarlane and won Australian picture book of the year in 1967. But I could not find one picture to illustrate it. Dang.

And agapanthus are naughty plants because many people consider them weeds in this part of the world. They can inspire loathing in conservationist circles. I love the bush too, but I still love agapanthus. They grow without care or watering and are lush and green and the flowers are gorgeous.

Agapanthus line part of our driveway, in old-fashioned Australian garden style. They have never self seeded around our little patch of bush, even though I have let the seed heads intact, which I know I shouldn’t do. So I’m naughty too, I guess.