In 2008 I challenged myself to do a drawing every day. A pretty tough challenge, but good discipline for a very undisciplined person like me. The benefit of drawing every day is really simple. You create and this inspires you to keep creating. You force yourself over slumps in motivation and depression over lack of ability or dedication or drive. You just do it. And of course, another benefit is that you are practising your craft and refining your ability to see things. Although, I have been known to draw things without looking at them at all and I quite like the way that can turn out too. It just depends on how you want to approach it, I guess.

I made the challenge in February 2008 and made it all the way to November, which surprised me. I never thought I’d last that long. 2009, 2010 I didn’t even try. Although 2011 is already started, this is the year I’ve decided to give it another go. STARTING TODAY.

Here are my rules of challenge:

1. Draw something every day, no matter how small the drawing or mundane the subject or how repetitive or pointless I feel it is.

2. Post it on this site in an attempt to embarrass myself into making a real effort.

3. Pass no judgement on it (this one will be hard). It doesn’t need to be any good, it just needs to be done.

So, simple and everyday scenes are what I do (I’m not much chop at the fantastical and imaginative  sorts of art that I admire most) and I started today with my little spotty pots. Well, they’re actually jugs, but I don’t want anyone searching for spotty jugs to come up with this post. Oops, too late. Sorry if you’re disappointed.