Max has now safely sailed through the rocky straits of Year 10 into the safe harbour of Year 11, and will never, ever be allowed in a German class anywhere again. So I can now share with you his Year 10 German test, which is a stellar example of his work in German.

He starts off quite well, I think.

I mean, guesses, sure, but some of those answers sound quite feasible. Sort of. Whatever a gun dish is, I don’t want one. Then all hope is abandoned and he turns to illustration of his depair…

‘Lost’ hey? Bit of a metaphor for how we feel in German class, is it?

Damn right it’s not as good as ‘Firefly’! Surely he got a mark for that?

Oh no, he’s flipped out due to all the stress and now he’s trying to answer in binary code. Looks like he got that wrong too.

I can’t even guess what is happening here. This has all got too much. But what did the poor teacher think?

Not one right! That is actually 100% wrong. 100% on a test… that sounds pretty impressive! That’s my boy.

(And do all German teachers think an exam is a ‘product’? What the…?)

Obviously, Max has exam technique down, so bring it on, Year 11!