A great time was had on New Year’s Eve and the brain cell death-toll has risen sharply in the vicinity of my head. Ouch. Sorry to all those people I talked at on the night.

But in more productive news, I recently did something I have been planning to do all (last) year. I bought a sander- went halves with Dad who needs one too- and got stuck into the dining table. Actually, the dining table has been sticking to us; the coating on it was deteriorating badly and papers would stick to it no matter how thoroughly I cleaned it.

So, the boys took the table out into the garden and I started to sand.

It was nice to work outside. The lilies are out and I could admire them while I totally destroyed the peace .

Three hours later, I admitted defeat for that day. New Years Eve was the next day and I was determined to finish it. It was hot, but I had the shade of the oak tree to work under.

Once it was all sanded, I gave it three coats of furnishers restoring wax. The table was built from old oregon and the grain came up beautifully. And I had it finished and back indoors just in time to get ready to go to a New Year’s Eve get-together.

On the first morning of 2011, I woke up to find some of the kids that were here for the night had been playing the Doctor Who board game on it.

And nothing stuck to it! I’m very pleased. By the way, they were not impressed with the game.

I still have to paint the inserts at the side, but all in all, if feels like a good start to the New Year, to take something that needed love and attention and restore it’s beauty and usefulness.

All I needed was some aspirin and a cup of tea and all was well with the world; Happy New Year everyone.