Quiet today. Yesterday was such a flux and flow of people, food, presents, cleaning up, more food, more people, more everything. The house was ringing with voices and activity. It was fun and exhausting.

And today all is quiet, everyone has left, even the boys have gone their own ways, to work, to shop, to visit; and only I am home, puddling around, washing pans and trays, loading the dishwasher again, reading the paper. Making yet another cup of tea.

I made some very simple paper decorations this year. I’m not very good with craft, so they are pretty basic, but I rather like them.

Leo got inspired and while he too can kindly be described as ‘craft challenged’, he persisted and then really nailed it with these paper snowflakes.

Hope you are all enjoying your Boxing Day as much as I am. And I’m really looking forward to Doctor Who tonight!