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Oh yes, I haven’t finished with that wonderful catalogue yet. There is one more special gift I need to purchase;

Yep, you guessed correctly, it’s your very own TIME PORTAL TO THE SEVENTIES. Oh boy, I can’t hardly wait.

In other news, we had serious rain damage last Friday. It may have been 29 degrees, but we have obviously displeased the mighty Thor, as we got plenty of thunder and also hail. And did I mention rain? The rain was localised, intense and ANGRY; very, very angry.

This is a dry gully that runs through our property. Well, usually. I haven’t seen water in it for nine years.

It ends in a shallow depression, which is also usually dry. This day, we had water features everywhere. Scamp was pleased. Now he smells even worse than usual.

And we have much repairing of paths and digging of drains to do. C’est la vie. Quel dommage. (Do you have a REUM?)