This time of year is insane and I really should not even be posting here, I just don’ t have the time; but I keep thinking of things I want to tell you about.

I saw the latest Harry Potter film last night and loved it, except for every single scene that had Dobby in it. That is one dud character, my friends, bad in the books and worse in the films. Fortunately, he didn’t make it through this film alive. But the loss of Hedwig was hard to bear.

And I must confess, I laughed when they played a Nick Cave song. A Nick Cave song in a Harry Potter film. It just seemed an odd mix, but the air was thick with angst, so I guess, why not? Oh, those moody teenagers, they’re so adorable.

In more exciting news, my lovely friend Trish has realised a life-long dream and opened her own shop. Not an Etsy shop, but an actual shop you can go and visit. It’s called Seventh Owl and has many owl-related goodies you can choose from. She has art, craft, gifts, clothes, childrens toys, books, soaps and candles. And even stuff for gardening addicts like me.

Not that I have been using this as an excuse to shop…

…because I never need an excuse. If you are anywhere near Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, please drop in and say hi to Trish.

Seventh Owl, 1/1 Colman Road, Warranwood

Opening Hours

Monday 11.00-3.00
Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday 9.00-4.30
Thursday 9.00-4.30
Friday 12.30-7.30
Saturday 10.00-3.00

Times may vary due to family commitments
Open on occasional Sundays
Please call Trish for enquiries 0409402781